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back to [basics]

Various mono-thematic workshops, where single topics are explained and demonstrated with practical shooting session.

The selected topic will be described in detail on each specific event announcement. Examples of this kind are:

  • Master your tools // take control of the features and settings of your camera (beginners)

  • See the light // understand and take advantage of available light (intermediate)

  • Flash & studio lighting // introducing lighting sources to shape your subject (intermediate)

  • Let’s paint with light // using colour gels to create mood and look (advanced)

  • Photographic set design // how props and background can make or break your shoot (advanced)

  • After the shoot // post-processes to develop and retouch your images (intermediate/advanced)

how to cook a [fashion] recipe

Open to all levels (beginners to advanced), this masterclass is less technical and more creative of the back to [basics] workshops.

In the challenging world of commercial photography, being skilled at capturing images is not enough. As professionals, we are often asked to create feelings, sensations, and to envisage the visions of our clients. 

On this talk – without practical photo session –  Marco Joe Fazio will take the class on a journey through his methods and techniques in creating images for fashion, interiors and hospitality. 

You will understand the process of reading a client's brief, developing a concept, scouting locations, designing a studio set, as well as producing and managing a shoot with cast & crew.

hands on [fashion] storytelling

The most complete of our workshops; this is a real hands-on project, to be discussed and developed with all the participants. Dedicated to an advanced audience, this course is useful to hone your skills in photography, art direction and set design.

Conceiving a theme within the given constraints – chosen location, available garments and props – we will research for inspirations, prepare mood boards and sketch the scenes.

In pre-production, we will dress the set, choose the best lighting for the job and brief the models.

Shooting techniques and model’s direction will be discussed and tested, with all the attendees taking turns behind the camera.

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