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Where Fashion meets Art... in Tuscany

Photography Masterclasses & Residential Workshops 2018

It happens in Tuscany, land of incommensurably artistic value, great sceneries and tasty food.

As we are known for telling [fashion] stories, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to establish a collaboration with Artours, tour operator owned by Susanna Buricchi, who guides enlighten tourists across Tuscany into a never-ending discovery of the incredible heritage of this beautiful land.

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FBIPP… or when the best things come unexpected!

It is always extremely pleasant when results exceed our expectations.

It happened to me few weeks ago, when I went to Whitchurch in Buckinghamshire, headquarter of the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP), for the assessment of my application to raise the membership from Licentiate to Associate.

You can imagine my surprise when, presenting my body of work in fashion photography, the committee decided that “I was good enough” not only to get the Associateship, but also the Fellowship, the highest level achievable!

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