Unmistakable Italian fashion sense // tP interview

Somehow is bedazzling to read your own story published on paper…

That has been exactly my first sensation receiving by post the last issue – Winter 2016 – of the Photographer magazine and reading my name on the cover page.

I have to say thanks with all my heart to Jonathan Briggs, chief editor of tP, for the accurate interview and the many photographs of my work published in the magazine’s editorial.

The article, covering extensively my career from architect to photographer and my life from Firenze, Italia, to London, UK is a good piece to read if you are curious to know more about my work.

And it is also a good place for me to stop for a moment, to think where I come from and to envision where I will go in the years to come…

Here is the direct link: http://bit.ly/2hoXvHK

the Photographer magazine / 2016 / Issue Four

the Photographer magazine / 2016 / Issue Four

As my photography would be nothing without a great teamwork, I want to congratulate and share this recognition with all the talented people who have collaborated in creating the featured images:

art direction //
I am Queenie, Strawberry Love

styling //
Harriet Porter, Stéphanie Tumba

makeup & hair //
Anita Brulee, Emily Johnson, Stefania Paci, Zaneta Swiatolowska, Sabina Yusunova

wardrobe //
Nicolò Atzori, Grace Cruse, Andrea Hauer, Upesh Mistry, Xsenia Runa, Igor Srzic Cartledge, Josh Wilson

prosthetics //
Gemma Dillon

key scenic //
Ken Curl

graphics //
Marco Vacca

assistance & BTS photography //
Alex Curtis, Alfredo Ezquerra Sanchez, Elena Fantuzzi, Grace Hodges, Greg La Torre Yates, Debora Palazzo, Oliver Spier

advisory //
Anne de Montarlot, Iggy Passenger

the models //
Lauren Broadhead, Katerina Christo, Grace Cruse, Julie Dumont, Michael Fairbanks, Carmen Tânia M. Obied, Natalia Satunova, Ivan Silva, Athena Sindou


Per aspera ad astra,