Where Fashion meets Art... in Tuscany

Photography Masterclasses & Residential Workshops 2018

It happens in Tuscany, land of incommensurably artistic value, great sceneries and tasty food.

As we are known for telling [fashion] stories, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to establish a collaboration with Artours, tour operator owned by Susanna Buricchi, who guides enlighten tourists across Tuscany into a never-ending discovery of the incredible heritage of this beautiful land.

Susanna Buricchi, PhD art historian, art history book author and travel designer, is born and bread in Tuscany, where she works with an international clientele.

This is what Susanna says about her work: “I am a storyteller. The true passion of my life is to discover and make known stories about art, artists, famous artworks, monuments, as well as the skilled craftsmanship of the Made in Italy. Tuscany itself, with its fabulous cities and resourceful countryside, is a great asset to the nowadays economy. In 2017 I became a sommelier; this allows me to extend Artours services, leading our clients into the world of winemakers, their territory and their wonderful stories about tradition, skills and passion."

Together with Artours, we are aiming to organise residential workshops for photographers (and their friends and relatives who enjoy coming along), studying how to portray the human body and how to display garments in the most beautiful and dreamlike settings of the Tuscan cities and countryside… wineries and vineyards included!

Stay tuned, as soon we will present a detailed programme for Spring 2018, including locations, tuition, guided tours and accommodation. We recommend showing your interest subscribing to our newsletters, as there will be limited places… and they will go very fast!


photography // workshops@marcojoefazio.com

tour operator // info@artours.it