FBIPP… or when the best things come unexpected!


It is always extremely pleasant when results exceed our expectations.

It happened to me a few weeks ago, when I went to Whitchurch in Buckinghamshire, headquarter of the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP), for the assessment of my application to raise the membership from Licentiate to Associate.

You can imagine my surprise when presenting my portfolio in fashion photography, the committee decided that my body of work was good enough not only to get the Associateship, but also the Fellowship, the highest level achievable!

As the BIPP qualification awards describe:

"... Fellow (FBIPP) - often recognised as the highest vocational qualification within the profession, Fellowship of the Institute is an outstanding achievement. A unique style and a discerning quality is expected…."

Although no award can substitute any confirmation and success on business practice, what I just achieved, other than a personal satisfaction, is a great injection of optimism and confidence that certainly pushes to go ahead with my work, improving every day more on creative ideas, project organisation and client care.

Big thanks to Chris Harper, Kevin Wilson, Jo Scott, David Wheeler and Bryn Griffiths, the BIPP committee, for their time spent in assessing my work and for this unexpected yet wonderful result.

Ad maiora,

Marco Joe Fazio (FBIPP)