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Fashion photography is not [only] the ability to take pictures of clothes.  It is all about feeling, sensations and the art of showing a designer's dream.

More precisely, it is not to show, while it is instead to engage the viewer’s senses and let him/her perceive that dream, using allusions and symbols, sometimes mysterious and enigmatic.

Like a beautiful painting or a complex piece of music, the fashion photograph has to reveal its contents one layer at a time, from the first appearance to the inner significance.

telling [fashion] stories

Our Workshops

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Our top-of-the-line workshops are made for this; to imagine and build together with all the participants a thought-provoking [fashion] story.

From concept to completion, we will develop with you the whole theme, mood and style.

Using location, props, garments and everything available, we will brainstorm, gather inspirations and go through all the processes of pre-production, model casting, set design, lighting and acting technicalities.

What is more important, each and every one of you will have the opportunity to shoot and tell your [fashion] story...

It was a real eye-opener when Marco came to visit the Defence School of Photography. I had never considered fashion photography before. It was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge of studio lighting techniques while working with a live model. Marco’s work is truly inspirational, and I hope to attend one of his fashion workshops soon.
— Rebecca Brown, Army Photographer
I’m a 3rd-year student doing a BA (Hons) Degree in Photography. I enjoy portraiture in the studio and on location and am also interested in learning more about the world of fashion photography.
I attended a BIPP seminar day with Marco in the town of Shaftesbury, Dorset, in July this year (2017).
More recently, I have assisted Marco on a one-day location shoot at the Juju Bar, London. Both of these days were very informative and provided a great opportunity to learn. They were fun as well.
— Guy Whitworth, BA (Hons) Photography student, Wiltshire College (Salisbury Campus)
Very lucky to get an opportunity to have a day with Marco at the Defence School of Photography, a very interesting day and showing us a different aspect photography. After seeing this, it has defiantly shown us more ideas to help with future assignments. Thanks for coming by, come back soon.
— Joe Cater, Royal Navy Photographer
The workshop was very informative and interactive. I liked the casual nature of the day. It was a small group, so this allowed each question to be answered in great detail. I appreciated the amount of equipment Marco deployed and explained. Good conversations and knowledge flying back and forth between Marco and Vins, which is nice and keeps the energy up!
— Wayne Maurice Smith, hospitality manager & part-time photographer
Marco is an exceptionally talented photographer, a great artist and such a creative soul! On his workshop, I have learned how to master the exposure and use the equipment correctly, but I also discovered some secrets about artistic techniques on lighting and colours.
I could have learned photography from many books or endless videos on YouTube, but one day with Marco is an excellent investment in developing my photographic skills further.
If you are developing your brand as I am doing, attending one of his workshops you will fill yourself with more confidence in creating all the photos you need!
— Tatiana Brown, business owner

Who We Are

Tutors & Consultants

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Marco Joe Fazio, photographer & designer
MArch (hons), FBIPP

Born and raised in Tuscany, Italy, Marco worked as an architect and lighting designer for more than 18 years. Throughout this time he also trained, practised and nurtured his passion as a photographer

Moved to London, Chartered Architect of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in 2008, Licentiate Photographer of the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP), after years of passionate dedication, hard work and professional achievements, Marco was awarded the Fellowship certification (FBIPP) and won the Peter Grugeon Award for the Best Fellowship of the Year in 2016.

One of his workshops – how to cook a [fashion] recipe– is also part of a series of photographic courses that the BIPP is organising in various regions of the UK.

Whether working for Habitat & Hospitality or the Fashion & Beauty industries, his space + style concept merges multiple creative disciplines with the inherent complexity of the human nature, introducing a powerful sense of theatricality and an engaging narrative to his images.


On our workshops, Marco is flanked by other professionals and lecturers – most of them are a permanent part of his working team – who will explain the various aspects of their specific disciplines, whether they are fashion styling, set design, makeup, hairstyle, etc.


Work with Us!

We are enlisting fashion stylists, set stylists, make-up artists and hair stylists who will do their magic on set and will also be keen to talk to the students about their professional experience.

If you would like to work with us, please drop us a message to